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Security is what we do and what drives us

Bundesdruckerei GmbH and its subsidiary Maurer Electronics GmbH are driving technological developments in the areas of identity and authorisation management, administrative digitisation, data analysis and artificial intelligence as well as government payment methods and value transfer systems. In this way, it forms the basis for a modern and resilient society. 

Technologies and services ‘Made in Germany’ 

With our technologies and services ‘Made in Germany’, we can protect your identity and your data and enable secure identification of all parties. This creates trust in the analog and digital world.

"Innovation rooted in tradition: For more than 250 years, Bundesdruckerei has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Our products and solutions ‘Made in Germany’ protect identities and data, enabling us to create trust in both the analog and digital world."

Dr. Stefan Hofschen, CEO of Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH
Dr. Stefan Hofschen - Executive Director of Bundesdruckerei GmbH (CEO)
Production hall in the Bundesdruckerei GmbH

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A tradition of innovation

Innovation is both a challenge and a driving force – a fact demonstrated by our 4,500 national and international patents. We have always taken the road forward in order to protect identities and identify our customers future needs. For more than 250 years, we have ensured the secure production of banknotes, ID documents, passports and securities, also producing the systems and equipment needed to protect all of this.

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