Inks with security

Security print products for government and the regulated private sector

Bundesdruckerei GmbH has a long tradition producing ID cards, passports and banknotes. However, the company also produces more than 300 other security printed products for federal, federal‑state and local government and public authorities as well as the regulated private sector. These products include revenue stamps and non-fiscal security stamps, centrally or decentrally personalized credentials, such as driving licences, but also ID cards, certificate documents or deeds.

Unique expertise

Bundesdruckerei GmbH has developed a wealth of unique expertise based on its many years of experience in the production of sovereign documents and secure banknotes. This forms the basis for our security printed products, which are made using proven security printing processes and restricted security materials. What’s more, we use innovative security technologies, for instance, to individualize printed products with coding and barcodes and to make them machine-readable. This makes it possible to track the products with so-called ‘track-and-trace systems’ or to check their authenticity using sealed barcodes, for instance. These bridging technologies are paving the way for purely digital security documents.

Our services and advantages:

Valuable consulting expertise and custom security

We are not only familiar with the needs of our customers, but thanks to our decades of experience, we also know exactly how products need to be protected. It is essential that we identify potential attacks and damage and use this knowledge to design the best possible solutions for our customers. User-friendliness is an important part of this. That’s why we analyze the customer’s legacy infrastructure that is used, for instance, to check the authenticity of security printed products, and then take a close look at the use environment in order to develop customized solutions. We also advise our clients on the transition from physical to partially or fully digital security documents.

Customer needs and the paramount importance of security directly influence security level requirements. Not all products require security features from all security levels. Together with our customers, we determine the specific protection requirements of each and every product. This allows us to achieve the best possible outcome, tailored to the client’s requests and offering the right level of protection against counterfeiting. We develop and integrate customized security features that only a highly specialized security printer can offer, thus implementing specific customer requirements.

Production with special machines and security materials

Special machines are employed to produce our security printed products. This is the only way to achieve unique printing security features. We specify our blank security paper and security inks exclusively with our security-certified suppliers. We also operate various production lines for printing and producing of highly secure polycarbonate cards, which also enable both centralized and decentralized personalization.

As a certified security printer, our extensive information security and quality management covers the entire manufacturing process. We continuously monitor not just the final result, but also each individual step. Our many different ISO accreditations are proof of this quality.

Looking to the future

Our material scientists, printing engineers, ink developers and various other specialists are already working today on solutions for tomorrow. They develop and test new paper, inks, plastics, processes, security features and technologies to stay at least one step ahead of counterfeiters and offer the highest level of security. This also includes integrating digital components. Combining analog documents with digital applications enhances protection against counterfeiting, thus enabling, for instance, new authenticity verification solutions. One example of this are the sealed barcodes used for digital security and credential verification.

Bundesdruckerei GmbH is part of the track-and-trace system established on the basis of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Since 2019, unique identifiers have been required on tobacco products for tracing purposes. We have been operating the national issuer office for Germany as a so-called ID issuer since 2019. In this capacity, we register all economic operators involved and provide the tobacco producers with unique identifiers. The additional security feature requirement laid down in the TPD is taken into account by providing tax stamps.

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