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Secure data

Data is an asset that must be protected. Thanks to digitalization, more and more services need to process sensitive data. While this can improve many areas of life, such as medicine, mobility and justice, it also brings with it challenges, i.e., how to protect the identities of the data providers and secure their data.

The importance of data sovereignty

In 2021, the Federal Government adopted a data strategy for Germany, creating an innovative basis for the provision and use of secure data. In the digital age, the world of business, academia, administration and society should have secure access to data, data misuse should be counteracted and data monopolies prevented. The challenges when it comes to protecting and securing data are huge. But the question of data sovereignty is also crucial. Citizens, companies and institutions must retain full control over their data and be able to make self-determined decisions about how their data is to be used.

Solutions for secure data

The Bundesdruckerei is committed to secure data rooms in Germany and Europe. After all, secure digital identities, signatures or certificates need secure and responsible data infrastructure. We are supporting this project with various solutions: The Bundesdruckerei develop innovative solutions that secure and evaluate sensitive data in the fields of data analysis and data sovereignty.

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