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We are Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Secure identities are the core expertise of Bundesdruckerei GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group. Our innovative solutions are rooted in the secure identification of citizens, customers, employees and systems in both the analog and digital world. That’s how we create trust and legal certainty.

We create secure identities and secure data

Our products and solutions to secure identities and data are "Made in Germany" - this is how we create trust in the analogue and digital world. Bundesdruckerei's aim and driving force is to enable states, companies and citizens to act with sovereignty in an increasingly digital society. In order to meet this responsibility, we have highly specialized employees from different disciplines. We build on the experience of more than 250 years of company history.

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We are a part of the Bundesdruckerei Group

Innovation rooted in tradition

Bundesdruckerei has been producing banknotes, identity cards, passports and securities on behalf of the government since 1763. Standing in this centuries-old tradition, we also develop innovations for secure identities for the digital world.

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