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Digital health

Ensuring the security of sensitive data has always been a top priority in the healthcare sector. With the onset of digitalization, this has become even more relevant. Patients must be able to rest assured knowing that their health data will be protected at all times.

Digital connection in the healthcare sector

Germany’s eHealth Act has set the course for the Telematics Infrastructure (TI) and also for the digital connection of all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. The TI enables doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, statutory health insurers and therapists to securely access and exchange patient data which means that secure and trusted authentication is required.

When digital data is exchanged, trust is important – not only in private life, but also for companies, institutions and public authorities in eHealth. New, innovative technologies are needed to guarantee data security. A neutral data trustee can master this challenge, ensuring that sensitive data is transmitted securely and made available as required.

Solutions for a digital healthcare system

The Bundesdruckerei offer a wide range of solutions for a seamless secure TI and digital processes in the healthcare sector. The Bundesdruckerei Group companies develop eHealth solutions that provide outstanding security.

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