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Replacement scanning – Taking your documents into the digital age

Storing paper documents is expensive and time consuming for both the public and private sector. Public institutions, such as administrative or judicial authorities, are now bound by legal regulations to digitize their processes. Under the eGovernment Act, the electronic file or e-file must now be used. Germany’s public authorities have already been obliged to use electronic files since the beginning of 2020. The judiciary has until 1 January 2026 to introduce the e-file. Companies too are obliged by law to store their financial and tax documents over longer periods of time. Legally compliant digitization of paper documents not only enables simple document archiving and secure digital file management, it also means that no change in media is required. 

The Bundesdruckerei GmbH RESISCAN Service provides professional scanning and data capture services according to BSI specifications and has been certified in accordance with the ‘03138 Replacement Scanning (TR RESISCAN)’ technical guideline.

Advantages at a glance

  • Legally secure – Meets legal requirements and those of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

  • Saves costs and space – No more need to store paper documents

  • Saves time – Text capture using optical character recognition (OCR) enables digital full text search

  • Flexible – Access to digitized documents irrespective of time and location

Product details

Technical guideline for replacement scanning

With TR RESISCAN, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) published a guideline in 2013 that aims to increase legal certainty during ‘replacement scanning’. ‘Replacement scanning’ refers to the scanning of documents to digitize them and the subsequent destruction of the paper-based original while maintaining the evidential value in the documents archived. 

The TR RESISCAN technical guideline addresses not only public administrations and the judiciary, but also the private and healthcare sectors in order to create a cross-sector standard for legally compliant replacement scanning.

RESISCAN Service – A Bundesdruckerei GmbH solution

The Bundesdruckerei GmbH RESISCAN Service provides a full range of scanning and data capture services and has been accredited by BSI in accordance with the TR RESISCAN technical guideline. These services range from document preparation, secure transport and scanning to the destruction of original documents.

Tailored to your specific needs, Bundesdruckerei GmbH offers the following services:

  • Design and identification of the need for protection
  • Preparation of documents for the scanning process
  • Secure transport of files, capture and recording
  • Scanning according to BSI specifications
  • Signatures, seals and time stamps to match the protection class of the documents
  • Secure data transmission to the customer
  • Destruction of the original files in accordance with the highest data protection requirements

Legally compliant digitization of documents according to the TR RESISCAN technical guideline ensures the evidential value of the digitized documents. An electronic signature or seal is also attached to the digital documents during scanning to prove their authenticity. Time stamps are also used to prove the existence of the corresponding data at a certain point in time. This ensures that data integrity – i.e. the correctness of the data – is maintained. The digitized documents are then ready for further electronic processing and long-term archiving.

Bundesdruckerei GmbH is a trusted and reliable partner throughout the entire process. We offer you advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions are based on the highest quality and security standards.


The ‘03138 RESISCAN - Replacement Scanning’ (TR RESISCAN) technical guideline issued by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) offers users greater legal certainty for so-called replacement scanning. Replacement scanning is the scanning of documents with the (prompt) subsequent destruction of the original document.

Both the e-Justice Act and the e-Government Act state that the transfer of documents to the e-file must be ensured in accordance with the TR RESISCAN technical guideline. For this reason, BSI published technical guideline TR-03138 for the legally compliant design of processes and systems for replacement scanning. This guideline defines all phases from document preparation and scanning to post‑processing and integrity assurance of the process. (See [BSI TR-03138], section 2.1).

The signatures, seals and time stamps created during the scanning process ensure integrity protection for the scanned products and the pertinent transfer notes. Time stamps also certify that the corresponding data was available at a certain point in time.

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