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Artificial intelligence and Data analytics

Digital sovereignty thanks to data analytics and AI ‘Made in Germany’

Putting big data to good use

Data is the most important building block of digitalization. However, it is only when this data is processed, linked and visualized using data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can data models be generated that serve as a basis for decision-making or for deriving predictions. There is a vast range of potential applications for data analytics and AI solutions: from automated processes and warning metrics right through to interactive assistants. Bundesdruckerei GmbH supports public authorities and companies in the regulated private sector, helping them to implement customized data analytics and AI projects.

Advantages at a glance

  • Experienced – Extensive know-how in the implementation of large-scale sovereign projects as well as in data protection, IT security and digital identities

  • ‘Made in Germany’ – Customized solutions for complex data analytics and AI projects developed and hosted in Germany

  • One-stop service – Strategy concept, technical development, implementation and operation according to Bundesdruckerei’s high‑security and quality standards

  • Agile – Flexible and fast development using agile methods and a focus on user-friendliness and transparency

  • Open technology – Vendor independence thanks to open source approaches and the use of open industry standards


Opening up new options

Bundesdruckerei GmbH offers public authorities and companies in the regulated private sector solutions for data analytics and AI, ranging from consulting services to complete solutions for digitalization projects. We can advise you on the use of modern and innovative technologies, develop complete systems, data links and AI models based on your requirements. We offer big data processing, data analytics and trusted AI with a user-friendly application interface. All of this is implemented using agile methods and paying particular attention to user-friendliness, traceability and data protection.

Data analytics and AI: From a strategy to application

Bundesdruckerei GmbH supplies everything from a single source: from a strategy to implementation and operation. Our service portfolio is modular and can be custom‑configured to meet your specific requirements. In this way, we can help our customers to develop and implement data analytics and AI solutions with bespoke evaluation and automation components. Depending on the method selected, this can be AI or classical analytics. Our process for projects and application cases is both iterative and explorative:

  • Objectives
    We discuss the objectives of your data analytics with you. What results are you aiming to achieve? Which data should be analyzed and put into context?
  • Definition of the application
    What data is already available? Are quality and quantity sufficient for an analysis? How must the data be prepared and enriched? Which processes should be linked to this?
  • Method selection
    Which data model and which algorithms or procedures are suitable for your use case? Are classical stochastic methods sufficient or is an AI method, such as deep learning, an option? How should your data be prepared and merged?
  • Feasibility check
    Proof of concept: Do the selected methods prove themselves and can appropriate users work with them? Are the quality of the outcome and its significance sufficient?
  • Development
    We first create a basic solution with the elementary functions according to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) principle. Following MVP introduction and testing, we pursue an agile approach to successively develop the overall system with a view to user satisfaction and quality requirements.
  • Integration and operation
    Finally, the solution is integrated into the existing system landscape while taking into account the processes, interfaces and productive environment. If desired, we can support you in the operation and further development of an intelligent analytics platform.

Versatile application options

The data analytics methods and AI procedures can be flexibly combined and offer different options for application:

  • Automated text analysis – Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    In public administration, in particular, much of the information and data exists in the form of text documents and e‑mails. NLP enables the information contained in documents to be digitally evaluated, classified, analyzed and enriched, for instance, to generate new information or to link content.
  • Differential privacy
    Pseudonymization and anonymization techniques using AI enable data protection-compliant analyses. In this way, sensitive information can be made generally accessible while at the same time protecting the privacy of the data providers.
  • Recognition of complex interrelationships
    Virtual pattern recognition in networks and data streams enables complex data to be correlated.
  • Recognition of anomalies and irregularities
    Self-learning systems efficiently evaluate large amounts of data by incorporating user feedback.
  • Warning metrics
    Using self-learning systems, warning metrics can serve as indicators for early detection of strongly deviating metrics.
  • Forecast and prediction
    Predictive analytics enables the prediction of future trends and developments by analyzing and extracting existing data and calculating the statistical probability of future events.

Our motto: Digital sovereignty

With more than 250 years of experience under our belt, we understand the demanding security requirements of the public sector and develop tailored, client-specific solutions that meet regulatory security and data protection requirements. In addition to secure data management, we create trust with secure identities and secure infrastructures. In this way, we can make an important contribution to the sovereign actions of governments, companies and citizens on their journey to secure digitalization. Our data analytics and AI systems ‘Made in Germany’ strengthen digital sovereignty – they are trusted, transparent, open to technology and legally secure.


Our service portfolio is modular and can be customized and configured to meet your specific requirements. In this way, we can offer you solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us.

Our range of services is legally compliant and meets data protection requirements at both national and European level. We will also be happy to advise you on how to implement your application in compliance with data protection law.

The data analytics methods are always selected to suit your specific application and the respective framework conditions. These can be classical analysis or advanced AI methods. This means, for instance, that it may be possible to benefit from the good traceability of decision trees in decision-making or to achieve maximum recognition performance through deep learning with convolutional neural networks.

Bundesdruckerei GmbH is working on guidelines and technologies for trusted and traceable AI. AI should be transparent, explainable and understandable, and it should at all times respect the data sovereignty of all stakeholders.

Do you have further questions about data analytics or AI?

If you have any questions about our data analytics or AI portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also contact us to discuss your particular requirements and needs.

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