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Secure Workflow as a Service (SWaaS)

Web-based services to digitalize the administration

Full-scale digitalization of administrative services

Growing demand from citizens and stricter legal requirements will greatly accelerate the digitalization of administrative services. This too applies to verification documents. From driving licences to birth certificates: Local authorities must ensure that these documents can also be applied for, processed, issued and used online. This is where Secure Workflow as a Service (SWaaS) comes into play. This service hosted by Bundesdruckerei GmbH makes it possible to electronically map the entire life cycle of the documents.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Effective – Administrative services are quickly digitalized
  • Efficient – High process efficiency and citizen satisfaction
  • Secure – Operated at a secure data center using eIDAS-compliant security components
  • Flexible – Modular selection of services
  • Simple – Easy to use and connect to existing IT infrastructure

Product details

For the digitalization of the administration to succeed, local authorities will have to digitalize all of their administrative services. This means introducing digital processes for the entire life cycle of verification documents. SWaaS delivers standardized product components and best practices for all stages of the document life cycle. These components are easy to manage, they protect against manipulation and can be configured and used as required.

Full-scale, secure digitalization of administrative services

Stage 1 of the life cycle involves data input and identification of the applicant. SWaaS provides the local authorities with online portals with integrated identification procedures for this purpose. Electronic identification is centred around the online ID function of the ID card.

In stage 2, the applications are processed and examined. Interfaces provided by SWaaS ensure a direct connection to existing registers and thus allow automated register queries. In addition, SWaaS makes it easy to integrate payment systems, such as ePayBL, the ePayment solution used by the federal states and the German government.

With level 3, SWaaS offers three options for document digitalization:

  • the digital verification document as an app for mobile devices
  • the sealed digital verification document as a download in the online portal
  • the issuance of paper-based or digital verification documents with sealed 2D barcodes.

In stage 4, the documents are issued in digital form and, in case of later use, digitally verified. 2D barcodes or qualified eIDAS certificates can be used to prove the authenticity and integrity of the respective document.

A high level of document and process security is central to all four stages. SWaaS services are the only services on the market that contain tools listed in the eIDAS regulation, such as remote signatures, electronic seals or qualified website certificates (QWACs). With the remote signature, legally valid signatures can be attached to online applications using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Electronic seals confirm the identity of the issuing authority and prevent document forgery. Qualified website certificates identify the organization behind the online portal used and they encrypt all communications.

Local authorities that have already implemented parts of the digitalization process with solutions of their own can easily add missing components or services from the modular SwaaS system.

Bundesdruckerei GmbH – Your trusted partner for digitalization of administrative services

  • Integrated solution
  • IT security ‘Made in Germany’
  • Experts in trusted ID management
  • Qualified trusted service provider according to the eIDAS regulation

Frequently Asked Questions

The German government, the federal states and local authorities use SWaas to receive web-based services for the digitalization of administrative services. The focus here is on verification documents. Administrative services digitalized with SWaaS meet the highest level of implementation pursuant to the Online Access Act (OZG, Onlinezugangsgesetz): At this level of implementation, citizens use the administrative services offered entirely online.

SWaaS covers the entire life cycle of verification documents – from application and processing to issuance and use. SWaaS services include, for instance, portal solutions with eID functions, eIDAS tools, such as signatures, seals and qualified website certificates, payment systems and various output options, for example, as an app or as a PDF document for downloading.

The ‘as-a-service’ approach includes entirely browser-based use of the services. Integration into existing IT applications and IT processes can be managed easily. No lengthy or costly changes in the IT infrastructure are needed.

The cost of using SWaaS services depends on the components and procedures required. Generally speaking, its modular design and standardized components ensure comparatively low acquisition costs, making SWaaS attractive in terms of price.

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Product management
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