Wholesalers and retailers - Traceability system for tobacco products

As a wholesaler and own brand producer, you have been obliged under the TPD to implement the TPD requirements since 20 May 2019. More information can be found under Specifications.

As an own brand producer, you will find further important information under the link: "Manufacturers and Importers".


No. Since 20 May 2020, cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco with no unique identifier on the pack may no longer be put into circulation.

The regulation has been mandatory since 20 May 2019 for cigarettes and fine cuts. Other products, such as pipe tobacco and liquids for e-cigarettes, are not affected, even if they contain nicotine.

Supported GUI languages are German and English. The language used depends on the browser setting. If neither German nor English is pre‑set in the browser, the GUI will be displayed in English.


You can also register via a GUI. You can reach the registration portal here.

After successful registration (onboarding), you will receive two short SMS messages. One SMS contains the password for the TLS client certificate. It can happen that upper case ‘i’ or lower case ‘L’ and upper case ‘O’ and the number ‘0’ are confused. Please check the password for these characters and try different combinations.

You will receive an SMS if the mobile number you entered was correct. After registration you will receive three e-mails. The TLS client certificate is sent in the third e‑mail.

In addition, the mobile phone number given is also displayed in this e-mail. If this mobile phone number is not correct, please register again.

The transport vehicle does not have to be registered with the central ID issuer. However, the company to which the transport vehicle belongs requires an economic operator ID (EOID) so that a report can be made in the case of trans-loading. All other notifications will be made by the dispatch and destination facility. The vehicle itself must be identified separately. See also section 3.5 of Annex II to the Implementing Regulation.

Self-management portal

 You can find your ID in the self-management portal under "Settings".

To use the self-management portal, you must first complete the registration process. The registration portal can be reached here.

To use the self-management portal, you must first complete the registration process. The registration portal can be reached here. During the registration process, you will receive an e‑mail with your credentials and a TLS client certificate which you will then have to set up in your browser. You will then receive an SMS with the corresponding passwords.

Once you have successfully registered, you can login to the self-management portal.

You can change your address data under "Settings" in the self-management portal.

Registration of further economic operators (third-party registration)

Yes, according to the third party registration option, economic operators are permitted to register the first retail outlets on their behalf.

If you have a large number of economic operators, we recommend that you connect via the API. The process is described under the ‘Specifications’ menu item. You can connect individual economic operators via the self-management portal. Select ‘Managed retailers’ in the self-management portal. Under the ‘Register economic operators’ button, you can enter operators of retail outlets. Using the self-management portal, it is unfortunately not possible to batch process a large number of economic operators or to perform a CSV import.

You can deactivate economic operators via the self-management portal. Go to ‘Managed Retailers’. You can also deactivate operators of retail outlets here.


Here you can find the swagger file.

You can find here all the information you need for using the ID issuer API.

Click here for more information about the specification.