Manufacturers and importers - Traceablity system for tobacco products

As a manufacturer and importer, you have been obliged under the TPD to implement the TPD requirements since 20 May 2019. To ensure easy handling, we recommend connecting via the API. More information can be found under Specifications.


You can register via a GUI. The registration portal can be reached here.

After successful registration (onboarding), you will receive two short SMS messages. One SMS contains the password for the TLS client certificate. It can happen that upper case "i" or lower case "L” and upper case "O" and the number "0" are confused. Please check the password for these characters and try different combinations.

You will receive an SMS if the mobile number you entered was correct. After registration you will receive three e‑mails. The TLS client certificate is sent in the third e‑mail.

In addition, the mobile phone number given is also displayed in this e-mail. If this mobile phone number is not correct, please register again.

Unique identifiers

Each unit pack or aggregated packing of tobacco products can be identified by the unique identifier. This is applied as a unique alphanumeric code to each unit pack or to aggregated packing of tobacco products. The unique identifier can be obtained in digital or physical form via the ordering portal or the application programming interface (API).

The unique identifier can be obtained in digital or physical form via the ordering portal or the application programming interface (API). You first have to register on the ID issuer’s registration portal. Orders can then be placed either via the ID issuer's ordering portal (GUI) or its automated interface (API).

Physical identifiers

The unique identifier attached to its physical carrier, i.e. the excise tax stamp, is called a physical identifier.

The unique identifier is applied to the physical carrier (tax stamp) in the form of a DataMatrix code.

Step 1 - Tobacco tax stamp:

You can place your order for tax stamps with Zentrale Steuerzeichenstelle Bünde, the central tax stamp agency for tobacco products in Germany.
Once you have triggered your order with Zentrale Steuerzeichenstelle Bünde, you will receive an order number. Using this order number, you can then order the physical identifiers.

Step 2 - Physical identifiers:

Order the same number of unique identifiers on the ID issuer's ordering portal. Select "Physical delivery" as the type of delivery. Enter your order number. The physical identifiers will then be applied on the tax stamps ordered and made available via Zentrale Steuerzeichenstelle Bünde.

The tax stamps including their physical identifiers will be delivered as defined by Zentrale Steuerzeichenstelle Bünde.

The order quantities for physical identifiers are determined by the procurement rules for German tax stamps as stipulated in the German Tobacco Tax Act. The number of tax stamps ordered must correspond to the number of physical identifiers ordered.

The EU Tobacco Products Directive defines a delivery period of ten workdays for the physical identifiers, beginning from the date the order for the unique identifiers is received by the ID issuer.

The price of the physical identifiers is the same as the price of identifiers delivered in electronic form.

A DataMatrix code is located in the blank field section. This is the part of the unique identifier that is visible to the human eye. An area for the validation number is included here.


Depending on the invoicing period, all orders are included in one collective invoice that is sent electronically or by post. To receive electronic invoices, you can enter your billing address and e‑mail address in the self-management portal under ‘Settings’ in the ‘Billing method’ – ‘Change method’ tab.

The billing period is 14 days

The default payment method is per invoice.

You can use the direct debit payment method. We will provide you with a PDF document which you can use to request the direct debit payment method. After completing the request document, please send it by post to the given address.

Please send an e‑mail to or call +49 (0) 30 2598‑4044 and let us know what changes you request.

You can change your billing address for future orders in the self-management portal. To do this, go to "Settings". Enter the new billing address in the "Billing method" - "Change method" tab.

Please contact our service staff at or call us at +49 (0) 30 2598 - 4044 and let us know the relevant items.

Tax on tobacco products is raised in Germany by the Federal Customs Administration and is due to the federal government. The costs for tax stamps are included in the tax which must be paid to Zentrale Steuerzeichenstelle Bünde. The physical identifiers are invoiced in the same way as identifiers delivered by the ID issuer in electronic format.

Self-management portal

You can find your ID in the self-management portal under "Settings".

To use the self-management portal, you must first complete the registration process. The registration portal can be reached here. During the registration process, you will receive an e‑mail with your credentials and a TLS client certificate which you will then have to set up in your browser. You will then receive an SMS with the corresponding passwords. Once you have successfully registered, you can login to the self-management portal.

You can change your address data under "Settings" in the self-management portal.


You can reach Bundesdruckerei's hotline by sending an e-mail to or by calling +49 30 2598-4044.


Here you can find the swagger file.

You can find here all the information you need for using the ID issuer API.

Click here for more information about the specification.