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IT security

IT security is the foundation for successful digitalization. Sensitive data must be secured, especially as both connectivity and mobile working increase. The more digitized and connected corporate processes become, the bigger the attack surface becomes for cybercrime.

IT security for a digital future

When it comes to IT security, user-friendliness and security do not have to be mutually exclusive. For solutions to be used and provide sound protection against cyberattacks, they must be secure, trusted and easy to use. As flexibility and mobility increase, the challenges for safeguarding IT security are also growing. Mobile working and the rise in the degree of digitalization and connectivity call for security across all network areas and transitions not for the Internet. In line with the claim of ‘security by design’, IT security should always be considered and integrated during the development of a product or the digital transformation of business models or processes.

Solutions for your IT security

The Bundesdruckerei offer reliable and user-friendly IT security solutions ‘Made in Germany’ including protection for RESTRICTED data (VS-NfD, data classified as top secret in Germany). We will be happy to advise you on our solutions to protect your digital infrastructures and data.

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