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Banknotes and postage stamps

The Bundesdruckerei has a tradition of developing important products on behalf of governments and central banks and protecting them against counterfeiting and manipulation. We set the highest quality standards when it comes to producing banknotes and postage stamps. We see this as the only way to create innovative, custom and counterfeit-proof security printing solutions for governments.

For 250 years, nations have been placing their trust in Bundesdruckerei

On behalf of the state, Bundesdruckerei has been producing banknotes and security documents for more than 250 years, including the euro currency since 2000. On the national and international stage, we are acknowledged as a reliable partner – from the development of innovative security features to the use of sensor technology in production, from the production of security inks to the complete design concept. In addition to producing banknotes, we support issuers of postage stamps with technical and process know-how and print stamps according to our customers’ specific wishes.


The trust in our print products ‘Made in Germany’ is rooted in our many years of international commitment and the many accreditations and certifications we have received. At our state-of-the-art production facilities, we produce sophistically designed, secure banknotes and stamps of consistently high quality.

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Ahead of the game with security and innovative strength

Innovation is what drives and inspires us. Our portfolio and many of our own patents protect our products from counterfeiters. This expertise is particularly valuable for digital identities. We are already working today on innovative solutions for the digital currency of tomorrow. That’s why we are involved in research as well as in standardization committees and the international community. Our input helps nations to securely shape their digital transformation.

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